Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Inner Cook...

My inner cook has escaped again. I virtually abandoned this little blog project of mine back last September. Do to a series of unfortunate economic events beyond my families control we had to downsize our lives and move to a new city. 

The downsizing part stunted my cooking aspiration because I was now working with a kitchen 1/4 the size of my old one and less than half the kitchen equipment and tools. I have to admit it was the best, most freeing move we have ever made ~ we have just what we need, are living well under our current means, and avoided having to file bankruptcy by centimeters.

Last month my cooking and baking desires once again became over whelming and I gave in and baked a few dozen cookies. Then, inspired by the following picture I dug out my cupcake pan and now I have fired my bread machine back up. My inner cook has come back out and I am well on my way back to cooking and baking everything from scratch. Even in a kitchen the size of most walk in closets.

I look forward to post here once again.